Marvellous Gem-like Desert Safari Experience

Desert Safari Dubai:

Surely Dubai has been one of the well-known vacation spots all over the world. With its high caliber and advanced frameworks, greatest ports, captivating shopping centers and endless golden desert; anybody would love to visit Dubai and investigate its marvels. Welcome aboard Voyagers, tourists, business people! Whatever your purpose of going to Dubai, you will surely not miss exploring Desert Safari.

Happy Desert Safari Dubai

Begin your exploration by going to the tallest tower Burj Khalifa, dive into the captivating blue sea in Jumeriah, shop and hop over the elegant shopping malls, cruise along the port in a romantic dhow, and eat at the finest restaurants. Nevertheless, catch the hidden wilderness to complete your tour.
Each and every place you go will bring fabulous experience.  However, an unquestionable once in a lifetime desert safari is all it takes to mesmerize you completely.
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Evening desert safari in Dubai has different varieties and rates. Some packages starts from 50 to 70 dirhams with pick up by bus, 100 to 200 Dirhams pick up by luxurious cars.  These prices include pick and drop services and common activities at the desert safari camp. Desert safaris usually start to take guest around 3 pm or 4 pm depending on the season.  There are rates and tour companies to choose from that will suit your financial plan and qualifications.

Get excited with the adrenaline rush dune bashing by a 4x4 land cruiser driven by expert and authorized drivers. Guaranteed all the desert safari vehicles are with safety features that will remove your fear. Stimulating activities the moment you flat down the golden sands of the desert awaits you.  Start your adventure riding the “ship of the desert” camels.

Add excitement by exploring the hill slide sand boarding. One-hand henna paints design, and Arabic dress photography will make you feel special. Extraordinary adventure of driving the quad bike and horse ride will give more excitement.

A heavenly BBQ buffet dinner with choices of veg and non-veg and unlimited refreshments will fulfil all the effort of your day. Live entertainment shows will be there while having your flavorful supper.  Charming to the eyes of everyone are the hip twirls well performed by Belly dancer, soulful performance of Tanura show and perfect execution of fire show that will surely mesmerize.

Dubai evening desert safari outing will fuse your electrons and vibrate your energy to have the most adventurous event of a lifetime. Vehicles used are shield with roll cages for more attractive but safe desert exploration. Things to consider to ensure security at all times, pregnant women, individuals with back issues, senior residents; and people with heart issues are not encouraged to do the desert drive. However, under three years of age kids, are free to most of the tour companies. Children must be under the full supervision of their guardians. Carry necessary kit, clothing, medicine that you might need. Though desert safari is safe, fun and adventure.

Desert safari in Dubai is a must do exploration. Do not miss it and look for the most reasonable package but quality service to make sure of a marvelous adventure to keep.